Boreal with Availa®Zn


Boreal Chew-able Tablets with Availa®Zn  – an Organic Zinc

• Dogs need zinc for healthy skin and coat

Availa®Zn from Zinpro Performance Minerals® offers a 206% IMPROVEMENT IN BIOAVAILABILITY over inorganic zinc sources

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Boreal with Availa®Zn Canine Supplement

Z051 Boreal with Availa®Zn Canine Supplement 1 lb (454g) bag

Z052 Boreal with Availa®Zn Canine Canine Supplement 5 lb (2.5kg) tub

Beryl with Availa®Zn Dog Biscuits

Z055 Beryl with Availa®Zn Canine Original Biscuits 680g (24oz) bag

Why is it that only 25 mg of elemental zinc (Availa®Zn) per day is sufficient for a 50 lb dog? –  - Boreal with Availa®Zn is used at the rate of 25 mg per 50 lb of body weight because Availa®Zn is more efficiently absorbed from the intestinal tract.

Why is Availa®Zn claimed to be safe? – - Availa®Zn is linked to its organic “escort” methionine. That makes Availa®Zn bioavailable and safe.

What happens if the dog gets too muchAvaila®Zn? – -  Availa®Zn fed in excess of the recommended amount, will not harm the dog. The dog will absorb what is required and excrete the excess. You may notice a foul smell odor from its urine during a period of excess feeding.

How long should Availa®Zn be fed to the dog? – - To see results in a zinc responsive problem, Availa®Zn should be fed for 6 to 8 weeks. Availa®Zn can be fed on a continuous basis for “zinc responsive dermatosis” conditions or as a preventative measure for dogs with stress conditions or any of the epithelial tissue problems causing poor quality skin, hair, footpads, and nails.

Can Availa®Zn be used along with other medications? – - Availa®Zn is safe to feed with any pharmaceuticals, or nutraceutical treatments.

Is more Availa®Zn better? – - More is not necessarily better. For problem animals, feeding double the recommended dose for the first two weeks may be beneficial. After that time, the recommended feeding quantity as instructed on the label should be adequate.

Why does (Availa®Zn) take 6 to 8 weeks to show results? – - After feedingAvaila®Zn, it takes 6 to 8 weeks for new epithelial tissue to reach the surface as quality skin, coat, or footpads.

What does Availa®Zn have to do with Dermatosis? – - Veterinary textbooks refer to “Zinc Responsive Dermatosis” which is usually defined as “any disease of the skin particularly those without inflammation.” The key word is “responsive” and therefore, can include most skin problems. The textbooks have noted that some skin conditions respond to zinc supplementation. Little mention is made to the definite type of disease or exactly how zinc works in the body. Probably the cause of the problem and the response mechanisms are not actually known.

Vets already have special diets for dogs with skin problems. Where then does the Availa®Zn product fit in?  - – Canine medical diets usually address skin problems as if the dog is having an allergic reaction to ingredients found in the food. For example, the diet is changed to lamb and rice or to potato and fish. Many dogs respond favorably to the diet change. However, some dogs do not show signs of improvement. The zinc found in these diets is typically zinc oxide or chelated zinc. Neither is as bioavailable as Availa®Zn . Therefore, dogs that have “zinc responsive dermatosis” may not respond favorably to a dietary change and may have to have long term steroid therapy. For dogs that have a “zinc responsive dermatosis”, Availa®Zn power supplements makes any dog food a “prescription diet” regardless of the quality of its ingredients. Availa®Zn can be a cost effective, friendly solution.

Will a dog that is not experiencing skin and coat problems benefit fromAvaila®Zn? – - Because of the high level of bioavailability of Availa®Zn it is very likely that many dogs will benefit from Availa®Zn. Research has shown that the levels of zinc found in skin, coat, foot and nails all increased when Availa®Zn was added to the diet. The benefits may only be minor in nature and may pass unnoticed. Some positive results are that dogs with otherwise healthy skin and coat had increased luster in the coat. Many people who show their dogs attribute their excellent show results to Availa®Zn. Other pet owners have noticed that their dogs shed less after supplementing Availa®Zn