Study using Boreal with Availa®Zn


“Indications of zinc supplementation”

Recently a study was done on a panel of dogs at Ontario Nutri Lab’s closed colony of beagles. The dogs were chosen based on the condition of their skin and coat. The trial was six weeks in duration. The dogs each received one Beryl with Availa®Zn Dog biscuit daily for the six weeks. Photographs of the dogs, with close-ups of any “hot-spots”, were taken at the beginning, mid-point and end of the trial. Ontario Nutri Lab’s veterinarian Dr. Robert Wright performed physical examinations on all of the dogs, paying close attention to the skin and coat condition, At the beginning and end of the trial. This study concluded that the Beryl with Availa®Zn Supplement had a positive effect on the skin and coat condition of a panel of beagles.

Veterinarians are most likely to encounter zinc deficiency in the following situations:

-In large breeds and fast growing puppies

-In dogs with zinc absorption difficulties

-When animals are fed a high cereal or high meat diet

-Animals with seborrheic allergies

-Animals with breed susceptibility

-Animals on diets high in copper or iron

-Dogs under stress

It is very difficulty to diagnose zinc levels in plasma or hair to determine zinc deficiencies. Consequently, response to zinc supplementation is the most dependable diagnostic aid for determining a subclinical deficiency.


It is important to consider the significant effect diet has upon zinc bioavailability. If an animal is receiving a high cereal diet, it may be ingesting high levels of phytates that interfere with the absorption of dietary zinc. If an animal is receiving a high meat diet, it may be acquiring excessive phosphorous and calcium levels, which can also inhibit the absorption of dietary zinc. Therefore, use of a readily bioavailable zinc source like Beryl with Availa®Zn may be advisable. Unlike synthetic zinc compounds, which are often excreted soon after they are consumed, and zinc oxide and zinc sulfate, which must combine with specific organic compounds before the zinc becomes available, Beryl with Availa®Zn is quickly and easily absorbed by the body. And because Beryl with Availa®Zn has a palatable base, administration problems can be significantly reduced.