Boreal with Availa®Zn Testimonials

A Few “Boreal with Availa®Zn”   Testimonials

Cheryl of Pooch Paws, Hanover, Mass 1-617-826-0081

“I have noticed a great improvement in the hair growth on dogs that have had bare spots, due to flea problems .Hot spots just disappear when you use Availa®Zn. After using Borealwith Availa®Zn the scratching stops, skin heals up, and the hair grows back in. My customers are very happy with the Borealwith Availa®Zn product. The product works very well. Thank you Boreal !!”


Charleen, from Groom by Charleen, Erie, PA   814-455-0161

“Availa®Zn helps the arctic breeds, Husky, Malamutes, look better, and provides healthy skin, Boreal with Availa®Zn relieves undercoat shedding, and no more breaking out around the sides of the nose. My customers and myself really love the Boreal with Availa®Zn product.”


Dori of Vanderwilden Kennels, Roslyn, NY

“I had a young bitch with a very dry coat and an older bitch who in all her seven years had been known as ‘the coat less wonder’. Within a few weeks of feeding Beryl with Availa®Zn there was a definite change in the coat of both dogs. The quality of my young dog’s coat was excellent and my older dog had a COAT for the first time in her life, and a beautiful on to boot ! I can’t be anything but the Beryl with Availa®Zn because that was the only change in her diet.”


Larry of Larry’s Pet Grooming,   Charlotte, NC   704-537-0387

“I have many customers that are using the Beryl with Availa®Zn product. Beryl with Availa®Zn has given their dog a beautiful coat, a big improvement from the itchy and red skin, hair loss, conditions that they had before Beryl with Availa®Zn. This product is a must for pet owners who want beautiful coat and healthy skin for their dog, Thank you Beryl with Availa®Zn!”


Ken Warden, Ontario Canada   416-283-7677

“ As a dog musher, I know how important healthily foot pads are. The Beryl with Availa®Zn product provides my dogs with the zinc they need. The results are strong footpads, great undercoat, and all around a great improvement in the skin, coat, foot pads and even the nails.”


Angela Of Pampered Pets Dog Grooming     Dallas, NC   704-922-0196

“I have a Dalmatian, and a Shar-peis. Since they have been on Beryl with Availa®Zn the Dalmatian does not have red soar skin, but the skin is a soft pink color, the hair has grown back in, the sore spots have healed up, the first time in the dog’s life. The dog looks great. The Shar-pei now has a full growth of soft thick healthy fur. That dog looks beautiful.


Ruth Heston,   Malvern, Pa 19355

“My English Cockers really like the Beryl with Availa®Zn. My little orange roan bitch’s coat is just starting to come back into a full coat. Everyone’s coat is really in good condition.”


Diane the Groomer   Ontario Canada Pet Wise Pet Store   905-561-8056

“We have seen excellent results when clients use the Beryl with Availa®Zn product. Dog that have flaky skin and hair loss see great improvement when they use Beryl with Availa®Zn. The dog have a brighter coat and clears up hot spots”


Linda, Pet Styles   Cochochton Ohio   614-622-8226

“After using Beryl with Availa®Zn dog look better and get rid of the skin and coat problems they had previously. Beryl with Availa®Zn is a great product.”


Tim McEwan     Marmara Ontario   613-472-0563

“I have been very happy after using the Beryl with Availa®Zn product. Mushers are interested in the condition of footpads and nails. If you are racing your team against a team using Beryl with Availa®Zn you will have a very difficult time and probably will not be able to compete. The dogs in the team using Beryl with Availa®Zn will have feet that are in superior condition. Thank you Beryl with Availa®Zn”


Kristen & Donnie Barger       Kanapalos NC   704-279-8857

“I acquired a box of Beryl with Availa®Zn Dog Biscuits. I was convinced it would be like most products: high priced, the dogs would hate them and I would not notice a difference in them. Boy, was I wrong ! The Beryl with Availa®Zn product is affordable, the dogs beg for them and their coats look better than ever before.”


Paul Capacette, New Jersey

I adopted Thorin (T. Cee’s Tommy) and ex-racing Greyhound on Labor Day 1993. At that time he had a very dry sparse coat. There was no hair on the underside of his body or hocks and very little on his legs and tail. I experimented with various skin and coat products, some for horses as well as those for dogs. I tried changing his diet and different topical agents including systemics. Needless to say, nothing promoted any growth of hair. I was then introduced to Beryl with Availa®Zn. I listened to all the hype and frankly didn’t believe it could work. Before buying another “miracle” product I had his thyroid checked and learned he was thyroid deficient. I was then convinced that it was in fact the thyroid causing the skin and coat problems, but again I was wrong. It was then that I decided to give Beryl with Availa®Zn a try. After all, I had tried everything else why not Beryl with Availa®Zn. The first indication that something was happening occurred only six weeks later. I was brushing Thorin when I noticed tons of hair coming out onto the glove, but the hair that was left was a deeper reddish fawn color. Until this point Thorin was a fawn brindle now he was turning into a deep red brindle. As more time passed the coat began to get thicker.

His tail became bushy and coat started to appear on his sides and is now covering his once have chest. He developed eyelashes, eyebrows even the mascara around his eyes has darkened. Also, his legs filled in and produced a more brindle effect. Now, almost six months later his coat has a lustrous sheen, his muzzle darkened, and his coat is as soft as cashmere. Everyone who meets his always comments on how soft and healthy his coat appears. Beryl with Availa®Zn is about the most amazing product I have ever seen. I have recommended it to many of my friends who have also been amazed at the results. I am now feeding it to my newly adopted greyhound as well as my 17 year old Irish setter. My old setter is another fine example of what Beryl with Availa®Zn can do. For the first time in his long life he has feathers at the back of his legs, a full chest ruff and a full tail. Also, he has a rich red soft coat that shines. Now even his ears get wet when he drinks. Considering he has always had a dry skin and coat problems…Beryl with Availa®Zn is a God Sent. Thank you Beryl with Availa®Zn !