Where to buy Boreal with Availa®Zn

Availa®Zn is added to all Boreal Dog Food and Boreal Cat Food dry kibble products. Boreal with Availa®Zn may be ordered as a supplement by any retailer stocking Boreal.  For a list of stores near you click here.


For further information : 1-800-253-8128 or jim@borealpetfood.com

Where to find us:


Siemer Enterprizes, Collinsville, IL 62234, 1-800-467-7333 

Bill’s Wonderland of Pets, 804 White Horse Pike, Magnolia, NJ 01049 phone: 856-435-0800
   web site: www.billswonderlandofpets.com


KV Vet Supply phone – 1-800-423-8211 web site: www.kvvet.com


Wayside Kennel Gear – 1-888-765-2164 web site: www.kennelgear.com e-mail romtex@aol.com


Deliaha’s Pet – 1-877-230-1915 web site: www.myitchydog.com


Dog Food Direct – 1-800-743-5124 web site: www.dogfooddirect.com


High Point K-9 Center – 1-845-386-9929 web site: www.highpointk9.com e-mail info@highpointk9.com


“Pet’s Health”

   www.holistic-hounds.com e-mail hollyjoy@holistic-hounds.com phone 480-720-2953

In Canada:


Leis Pet Distributing Inc., Wellesley, Ontario web site: www.leispet.com


Central Sales, Ontario (veterinary only) web site: www.centralsales.ca


Pet Food Source Ltd. 204-475-5453 e-mail: orderdesk@petfoodsource.ca


   B & R Pet Products, Eastern Canadian Provences. phone 902-860-3332 e-mail: dogman@hfx.eastlink.ca


LeGastronome Animo Phone 450-346-0921 Quebec e-mail: gastronomeanimal@videotron.ca